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Amazing view of Old Joe at the University of Birmingham from the Chemistry Building
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farewell dinner2018.jpg
Para at one of the discussion panel about energy in the future in Provence (2018)
Farewell Dinner of Daisy, Ale and Lizzie. Thank you very much for the hard work
Ampere Group photo March 2018
It seems somebody will appear on TV!!!... Birmingham strategic elements and critical materials
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graduation Ms2018.jpg
in situ XRD.jpg
Para presenting the role of absorbed oxides on the CO2 reduction reaction at the Nature Conference in Shenzhen Jan2018
Para and Adam went to Diamond  to do some in situ XRD with Dr.Yvonne Grunder and Prof. Chris Lucas (Liverpool). The cell looks super cool!
Matthew presenting his poster in the Annual ISE meeting in Providence. He also gave a talk about the synthesis of nanomaterials with cathodic corrosion
Graduation of Elizabeth Bennett (2016).All the best in your future career
Visiting Amsterdam with good friends from Spain and USA. ISE Annual meeting in The Hague. Sep 2016
First Ampere Group photo. Summer 2016
Group dinner. Dec 2016