Dr. Paramaconi Rodriguez

Group Leader

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Senior Lecturer

contact detail

Telephone: + 44 (0) 121 414 4365

e-mail: p.b.rodriguez@bham.ac.uk

School of Chemistry

University of Birmingham


Birmingham B15 2TT


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Research ID

2019-            Senior Lecturer. University of Birmingham

2017-2019   Lecturer University of Birmingham

2012-2017   Birmingham Research Fellow.  University of Birmingham

2011-2012 Scientific Officer. Electrochemical Energy Conversion Section. Paul Scherrer Institute, Switzeland.

2007-2011 Post-Doctoral Fellowship. Surface Chemistry and Catalysis Group. University of Leiden, The Netherlands

2003-2007 PhD in Materials Science and Electrochemistry. University of Alicante. Spain

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Current Members of the Group

PhD Students


Adam Kolodziej

Electrochemical haemofiltration of anticancer drugs

Matthew Lawrence

Nanomaterials for energy applications.

Water Electrolysis and CO2 conversion.

Cathodic Corrosion


Carlos Guillen-Posteguillo

Electrochemical detection of bacteria toxins


Pu Yayun

Nanomaterials for energy applications.

Water Electrolysis and CO2 conversion.

Wet-synthesis of oxides


Elizabeth Sargeant

Electrocatalysis of gas hydrates.

DFT and single crystal studies.

CO2 conversion and methane oxidation

Master students


Roshni Mistry

Synthesis of gold nanoparticles for high surface area nanosensors

Nashwa Awais

Gold clusters in electrocatalysis


Eve Grimshaw

Electrochemical Reduction of nitrites and nitrates


Rachel Bentham

Sea water electrolyzers


Heather Keillor

Precious metal recycling from electronics

Past Member of the Group

Elizabeth Bennett (Graduated 2015)

Fco Javier Monzo (2014-2018)

Dr. Chanhui Chen (2016-2017)

Alessadra Mazzoli

Chipo Mutsao

Ashley Boreham

Adam Halford

De-Shaine Murray

Paula Dias Barboza

Natalia Wojcik

Tavlen Attari

Damian Robertson

Danielle Hollander

Fangqian Yin

Charlie Marsh

Tom Baker

Yvonne Maleski