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Electrochemistry is present in a broad range of technologies including energy conversion and storage -- new battery systems, fuel cells, supercapacitors and solar cells. But electrochemistry is also present in environmental remediation, hydrometallurgy corrosion, industrial synthesis, surface finishing, electroplating, sensors and medical applications. Nowadays, more and more people have daily contact with electrochemistry, though they may not know it. Electrochemistry is all around us and gaining more attention from industry.



We would like to welcome the new PhD student of the group Jake Howard. He will be working in the project funded by Leverhulme Trust on the orginin of life.  

Para, our group leader has recieved the prestigious Ikerbasque Reserach Professor and he will join the CIC energiGUNE as team leader in electrocatalysis for green hydrogen.
The group will continue doing research in Materials in Electrochemistry for different application here in Birmingham and Para will visit us very often.

Excellent start of the year with the last publication of Matthew in the group. Wonderful collaboration with groups in the UK, US and China.
Insight into the Activity and Selectivity of Nanostructured Copper Titanates during Electrochemical Conversion of CO2 at Neutral pH via In Situ X-ray Absorption Spectroscopy


We welcome our next cohort of MSci students: Harriet, Eloise and Nicolas. They will be working water splitting, CO2RR and metal recycling of E waste.

We are so happy to contribute to the Special Issue of Prof. Juan Feliu. A great scientis, PhD mentor and forever a friend.
Importance of the gas-phase error correction for O2 when using DFT to model the oxygen reduction and evolution reactions

What an amazing collaboration with Prof. Julie MacPherson. I hope we can keep working together. Diamond Membrane Production: The Critical Role of Radicals in the Non-Contact Electrochemical Etching of sp2 Carbon

Last work of Pu Yayun, this one in the special issue in electrocatalysis:  Surface galvanic formation of Co-OH on Birnessite and its catalytic activity for the oxygen evolution reaction

We have to say good by to Carlos Guillen and to Pu Yayun. Both had a succesful PhD viva. Well done


August 2019
Our last paper in Chemistry of Materials: 
"Design of surface-modified electrodes for the electrochemical adsorption of Platinum-based anticancer drugs"

In situ XAS Beam time at diamond B18


July 2019

Matthew received the award to the best oral presentation in the Postgraduate symposium of the School of Chemistry in Bham. Well done


June 2019
Matthew recieved the award to the best poster in the surface electrocatalysis workshop in Padova for his work in metal oxide nanocatlyst for OER and CO2 Reduction


May 2019

Para got promoted to Senior Lecturer. Congratulations to the Boss.

New paper of the group in collaboration with Prof. R.L. Johnston.

Can a Single Valence Electron Alter the Electrocatalytic Activity and Selectivity for CO2 Reduction at the Subnanometre Level?

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March 2019

Ampere group goes minigolfing




February 2019

Paper accepted in Surfaces. Collaboration with Yvonne Grunder and Chris Lucas (Univ. Liverpool) and Diamond

Potential Dependent Structure and Stability of Cu (111) in Neutral Phosphate Electrolyte


January 2019

Para presented a invited lecture on Cathodic Corrosion  at IMDEA Nanoscience in Madrid


November 2018

Matthew did an excellent job organizing the bowling day for the group.

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​​September 2018


Excellent group trip to the ISE 2018 in Bologna. Para gave a presentation and Matthew and Adam presented their posters.


We welcome our new members of the group: Pu Yayun and Elizabeth Sargeant. Pu Yayun will be working in new materials of the Oxygen evolution reaction. Lizzie will be working in the electrochemical reduction of CO2

Two new papers accepted, congratulations to  Matthew:

  1. ACS Applied Energy Materials 1,2018, 5233-5244

  2. Nano Energy 53, 2018, 458-467.